19 October 2010

...what would you say?

  1. If you ask for opinions on this board, you will get them, good or bad. Don't post a name choice if you're simply looking for validation, because you may not get it. The opinions on this board are not meant to be taken personally, and please understand that if anonymous people on the internet make fun of a name, you can bet that your future child's classmates and peers will make fun of it as well. 
    •  The ladies on this board are brutally honest.  Know that when you ask for opinions, you're going to get honest reactions. It is not always puppies and rainbows.
  2. Lurk before posting. Get to know the board. See what has been posted over the past few day. This is good practice on any board. It helps you see whether or not the board is right for you.
  3. Nevaeh (any variation) is almost universally disliked on this board. Post about it if you want, but you have been warned
  4. The misspelling of names (replacing i's with y's and c's with k's, etc) is generally considered atrocious and trashy. 
    • Cre8tive spelling is generally disliked and frowned upon. 
  5. Everyone is over the Aidan/Jaden/Braden/Caden/Daylin names. Most people don't like the "trendy" names like Bentley, Gracen, and Addison. Many people hate the random "y's" and misspellings like Madalyn, Jordyn, Karsynn, and Izack. 
  6. Apostrophe's and hypen's don't make your child's name look awesome: RANT 055: All Your Kids Are Named The Same Thing!  
  7. Dirty Deleting (DD):
    •  If you're going to include your last name, it would be a good idea to delete the post later because of possible Internet crazies. 
    • If you plan on deleting a post later, please include an 'FYI——I may be deleting this later' type of message. Common courtesy. People took the time to respond.
    • Please don't delete. You will get called out for it.  
  8. Please use proper English and adult words, not "text speak."
  9. Keep name lists limited——it's a major chore for people to sort through a list of 30 names and tell you what they do and do not like (except when the board is slooooow).
  10. Do not post about a friend of a friend who knew a girl named L-A. It is an URBAN LEGEND. Any "La-a" or "Lemonjello and Orangello" posts get you immediately BANNED (not literally—but yes, we will remember you) for three fortnights!
Anything else?


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