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Contains the etymology and history of first names.
    • Read the pros and cons of this site, and why it is favored by name nerds on the Bump HERE.
    • Name Generator

Lists the most popular baby names throughout the United States.
    • Created and maintained by the Social Security Administration. You can find statistics on names from each year, 1880 onward. Read more about how it began, and how it has developed HERE.
    • Beyond the Top 1000 and Beyond the Top 1000 Google Docs: 20102011
    • Name Rank by State

"Here you will find statistical analyses, historical research, discussions on current trends, and general rambled musings on names -- all from a British perspective."
    • Name Lists
    • Name of the Week
    • Name Data (UK only)

A great, discussion-inducing blog.
    • Perhaps their greatest blog entry was "9 Timeless Rules for Naming Your Baby."
    • NoteTheBump naming board (and the Internet in general) is a great replacement for Number 2 on this list, especially if you're trying to keep the name quiet from family.
    • Some other useful functions of Name Berry:
            - There are great lists, like "Boys Names Kids Consider Cool" and "Boys Names Dads Like More Than Moms."
            - There are pleasant discussions on their message boards (HERE). This is especially good for those who don't like the Bump Baby Names Board as much.

"Unlike other name popularity lists, we group names by spelling and count overall popularity that way"

    • The REAL Top 7000: So you've been to the SSA Website, and you were happy to discover your favorite name, Jaydan, is #856 for boys... You might want to check the "Real Baby Name List", which combines all the different spellings for each name into one, and puts them in order accordingly. You may be surprised to find out that you've got a Top 5 name on your hands.
            - Girl Names: 201020112012
            - REAL Top 7000 Boy Names: 201020112012
    • Irish Names
    • Welsh Names
    • Scottish Names

"Online name dictionary and encyclopedia. Every baby name comes with concise name meanings, origins, pronunciation, list of famous bearers, popularity trends, variant popularity charts, and more."

Looking for popular, six-letter names that start with K? Or international, three-syllable names that start with D? The Baby Name Wizard has an awesome search engine just for you! 
    • Name Finder
    • Namepedia
    • Name Voyager 
    • Name Mapper

A haven for lovers of “obscure gems” – names with history and meaning that are seldom heard.
    • Names are suggested by readers for the author, Abby, to profile. This includes any history, cultural significance, related names and references to people.

Baby name stories, suggestions, trends and trivia
    • The box at the top with letters and numbers is one of my favorite features - you can see, in a use-friendly manner, how many babies were given names that start with those letters. In the case of numbers, you can look at names grouped by the number of letters. She seems to also specialize in odd name stories.

Making beautifully named babies babies since 2007
    • A name-obsessed blogger with an excellent view of names. She also offers name consultations and free advice to would-be namers, a birthday club, and a good article on the 7 Deadly Trends of Naming.

Looking for more names that fit your style? Go to Nymbler and choose a few names that appeal to you, and it will list some names that you might like.

Great "Considering this name?" feature! With questions like:
    • "Would you advise parents to name their baby _____?"
    • "Would you advise parents to name their baby _____?"
    • "Do people often mispronounce the name _____?"
    • ...and more!


"Amlwch Data"

Curious to see if your favorite name has been discussed on The Bump Baby Names Board? The Bump's search function doesn't work! Go to Google and type this in the search bar: then the name you're looking for 

Example: Julian

To narrow your search even further, add the word 'name' before or after the name you're looking for.


There is a FREE option (with a limit to feedback amount, but you can always reset to get more responses). This is my favorite site for creating name polls, because you can add questions and get written responses. You can also go beyond the basic "Like" and "Dislike."


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