19 October 2010

How to make a "clicky poll"

How to make a clicky poll

Hope this helps people who are having problems with clicky polls!

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Step 1: Write new post 

Step 2:
Type your subject line.

Step 3:
In the message box, type something. This can be background information on the names or simply saying "Please give your opinion below." Something must be in this box.

Step 4:
Click "Poll" tab (right above the subject line) 

Step 5:
Click the box next to "Include a Poll in this Post" 

Step 6:
Type "Poll Question" (eg. What do you think?) 

Step 7:
Description optional (you can write something here if you want, I never do) 

Step 8:
Type your first answer choice under "Add Answer" then to the right of the box, click "Add" 

Step 9:
Once you hit "Add" the first time, another box will come up and you type in your next answer option. Continue doing this until you have all of your choices. 

Step 10:
If you want the post to expire, add a number the "Expires After (optional)" box 

Step 11:

Please note:
• It has been mentioned by regular poster that if you are hitting "preview" before posting a poll / making a poll, that may be the problem. One of the many current glitches on theBump!
• Also, many people have been unable to make clicky polls when using Internet Explorer. If you are having problems, try another browser (Firefox works well).

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