22 October 2010

7 Deadly Trends

This is one of my favorite articles outlining the top, current trends in American baby names: The Mick Clan, Surnames, the Advent of Aidan, Hella Ella, K Kraze, and Subtytutes. Name blogger, Elisabeth, from the website, You Can't Call It, It, It, puts it well I think...

7 Deadly Trends New parents should be fully aware of current trends in American baby naming.

It began with Mackenzie Philips of “One Day at a Time” fame in the 1970s.  Her birth name, Laura Mackenzie Philips, became forgotten as this troubled teen rose to become a household name.  Then in the 1980s we were exposed to the adorable black-eyed Spuds Mackenzie, spokesdog for Bud.  The popularity of MacDonald’s probably has something to do with it too.  When “Home Alone” swept the nation in the 1990s with Macauley Culkin as its star, babynamers were doomed.  The Scottish Mackenzie and the Italian Michaela became unlikely partners in crime when together the two spawned a whole host of a new kind of name: McKayla, Makayla, McKenna, Maklynnzey.  What is it about these kind of names that makes parents gaga?  And for that matter, isn’t the letter M getting more than its fair share of attention with Madison, Madesyn, Madeleine, Madalynn, and Madigan?  My belief is that the letter M is still very much worthy of consideration, as are genuine Scottish monikers (starred*).  I am however, a bit tired of the McCraze.  Here are my McSuggestions:

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