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The following was compiled using responses from many members of the board. An open thread was created, asking: "The Baby Names board does not have a sticky, but if it did ... what would you say? What's the stuff we seem to say over and over again?"

PSA: When making a post asking for suggestions, please give some background information (ie. classic names, popular names, names you don't like, names you do like, other kid names, etc). This will not only help the people that are helping you find names, but it will also provide you with better results. Thank you.

  1. The ladies on this board are brutally honest. If you ask for opinions on this board, you will get them, good or bad. Don't post a name choice if you're simply looking for validation, because you may not get it. The opinions on this board are not meant to be taken personally.
  2. Lurk before posting. Get to know the board. See what has been posted over the past few days. This is good practice on any board. It helps you see whether or not the board is right for you.
  3. The misspelling of names (replacing i's with y's and c's with k's, etc) is generally considered atrocious and trashy.  Cre8tive spelling is generally disliked and frowned upon. 
  4. Everyone is over the Aidan/Jaden/Braden/Caden/Daylin names. Most people don't like the "trendy" names like Bentley, Gracen, and Addison. Many people hate the random "y's" and misspellings like Madalyn, Jordyn, Karsynn, and Izack. 
  5. Apostrophes and hyphens do not make your child's name look awesome: RANT 055: All Your Kids Are Named The Same Thing!
  6. There is accepted etiquette for deleting a thread. The general rule of thumb is: do not delete a thread once a response has been posted. Except: When a post contains personal information, such as your actual surname, family members' names or surnames, dates, or the city in which you reside, it is acceptable to delete it. (If possible, please edit out the sensitive information and leave the original thread intact, or delete the thread in its entirety, but only after giving fair warning (Something to the effect of: "This thread will be deleted shortly," in the title or body)).
  7. Please type in proper English, using the correct punctuation, not "text speak." We are adults. Most of us have children. It's time we all learned how to use our shift keys and spellcheck.
  8. Do not post about a friend of a friend who works in a hospital where a baby named La-a was delivered. La-a is an Urban Legend, as are the miracle twins "Lemonjello and Orangejello." Posts of this nature will earn you a public flogging and get you immediately BANNED (not literally--but yes, we will remember you) for three fortnights!
  9. Curious to see if your favorite name has been discussed on The Bump Baby Names Board? The Bump's search function doesn't work! Go to Google and type this in the search bar: (then the name you're looking for)

  10. Re: claiming names- Don't do it, and don't let someone else do it to you! 

"Words of Wisdom" — By the ladies of this board


"If you could say ONE thing to the ladies on this board, what would it be?" from the GTKY post. I know that many don't read through all of them, so I thought this would be a nice way to see what people said.

There were a lot of "Hi" responses as well.
  1. If you love a name, pick it!
  2. Thanks for your honesty
  3. The name Carys is not THAT cool.
  4. I understand not using "NMS" if you want to be more descriptive for why you don't like a name. However I don't understand terms like "vomit worthy." That isn't productive to the poster. Its just rude and I think this board is above that.
  5. I think some of you can be a bit harsh.
  6. As usual, thank you for your honesty. There are some great name nerds here.
  7. Don't take everyone's opinion so seriously in the end it's your child so you get to name them. I mean I like getting other's opinions. It makes you think about a name in ways you might not have. But some people get so worked up about other's opinions.
  8. Don't ask for an opinion and then get all pissy when you receive one you don't like. Most of the women are just saying what every single person is thinking in their head when you introduce your kid.
  9. You guys have opened my eyes and made me more critical of baby names (in a good way:))
  10. Don't get butthurt if people give you negative feedback on names you post about. Just like in real life, you aren't always going to like every opinion.
  11. Thank you for all of your great advice and opinions.
  12. Thanks for the name ideas :]
  13. I read this board almost daily, and am very encouraged that there are so many women out there with excellent taste! It's comforting to know that for every Kamri or Karsen I hear of, there's a woman naming her child something perfectly respectable like Sidney or Benjamin. Keep up the good advice.
  14. I agree with pp Carys is over rated and If you can't say something nice than don't say anything at all, unless it's about a fb name! ;p
  15. I love your honesty.
  16. Try not let people on this board talk you out of a name you truly love and feel is special just because they tell you it's "weird" or "not their style". I've seen some cool names get demolished just because someone decided they were the name police and it wasn't a "real" name, except it was...Those are not legitimate reasons and you could miss out on a great name.
  17. BUT do listen to those that have genuine reasons like future bulliying, resemblance to diseases, or trashy celebrity connections. No one is trying to hurt your feelings, everyone is just trying to be helpful.
  18. Thank you for being so entertaining! I love seeing all the names that everyone is thinking about!
  19. Thanks for making this a great place to post!
  20. Don't get butthurt over someone's opinion!
  21. I appreciate all of the honesty! It IS helpful to know when a name breaches all common sense or has horrible connotations. I also like feedback on possible negative nicknames that I might not think of on my own. Still, I think some of you could be a smidgen nicer at times. :)
  22. Don't get bent over others' opinions! If you love a name,that's what matters-but please spell it right :)
  23. Listen to what these ladies are saying, because they're saying to your face now, what people will say behind your back later.
  24. If you really love it and plan to use it, don't ask the board for confirmation. Someone will hate it and possibly hurt your feelings. This board exists to discuss names, not just to say "I LOVE IT" to every name posted.
  25. Most of them are in touch with reality and you should take their advice.
  26. I love that most of us are in sync with our name choices. It's great to be vocal about some of the awful names that are out there.
  27. None of your parents need to like your names.
  28. This board gets slammed for being mean, I appreciate the honesty.
  29. Don't just think about how cute a name would be on a baby. Think of whether you'd be proud to see it on an adult. And assume that your kid (this includes a daughter!!) might want to be a doctor or lawyer someday.
  30. Sorry if I just offended you with my cringeworthy names. I know they're fairly common
  31. Thank you for not sugar-coating.
  32. Don't take it personal if someone hates your name.
  33. If a name sounds "made up" to you, Google it - it might actually be one you haven't heard of. (This drives me batty with Livia, which is another one of my favorite girl names. No, it's not a kr8tiv version of Olivia - if you don't know who she was, Google it and her wiki article is the first thing that comes up.) Of course, much of the time it is uneek and made up.
  34. Don't ask for opinions if you only want positive ones.
  35. These boards are no meaner (and probably a bit nicer) than what goes on in people's heads when they learn your kids' names. Yes, people will really be thinking those things in their head when they meet you poorly named kid. They will treat you nicely and not tell you their opinion in real life but they will think those things and your kid will bear the brunt of that all his/her life.
  36. Most of your baby name worries are baseless.
  37. Remember that one day your child will be an adult. Name them accordingly.
  38. Very honest! a bit tough to take sometimes but I get where its coming from...
  39. Good job, guys! Keep up the good work.
  40. If your name choice isn't up for discussion, don't post a question about it here.
  41. Be honest, but constructive.
  42. If you like it, screw everyone else!
  43. Pet peeve -- Mercedes is not a "car name." It is a legitimate Spanish name that existed long before the luxury car did. If someone began producing a car named "Elizabeth," it would not cease to be a name. So when someone lumps Mercedes in with Bentley and Lexus, it makes me feel defensive on behalf of my friend Mercedes, whose perfectly respectable, non-teenaged parents named her that to honor her Mexican heritage, not because they thought it was classy to name her after a fancy car.
  44. Those who teach and post names here, are you ever concerned it's a breach of privacy or something - I am so I don't post my kids' names here. There's some very youneek ones.
  45. You girls are very interesting and entertaining. Love lurking here so thanks!
  46. Love the honesty on this board. And to the ladies who just post--don't get upset when someone says something you don't like about the name. It's probably what someone else is thinking but won't say.
  47. Spell the correct way!
  48. Please spell your baby name correctly. All vowels should not be replaced with a Y.
  49. Thanks for all the entertainment!
  50. Thanks for the HONESTY!
  51. Thank you for feeding my name addiction so willingly :)
  52. You girls are awesome. I don't consider this my home board, but I really love it :)
  53. If you're having your first make sure to research current baby name trends before you choose a name, I have many friends who had no idea of the popularity of a name until *after* they had their child and it is way more popular than they knew. Also, make sure to consider that if, say, you will be naming your daughter Madeline and plan to call her Maddie, that there will also be Madisons and other Madeline variants called Maddie and Addisons/Adelaides/Adelines, etc called Addie which sounds very similar to Maddie. There are lots of names that are affected in this way.
  54. Ya'll give the best suggestions for name combinations and sibsets. Wish I had this resource seven years ago...
  55. That it's nice to be around people who have similar opinions and thoughts on certain names as I do (for the most part)
  56. Keep the names coming! love the help with names, the new ideas
  57. Keep the constructive criticism coming. Can I say something to people who dont post on here often? Read a few post before posting your Jayden/Brilee/Kinley question
  58. Realize that your child has to live forever with this one name and remember that you don't.

Feel free to add your thoughts below and I will add them to the list!

Happy baby naming!  

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