19 October 2010

Name your babies what you LOVE

This was a post back in May about "claiming baby names." It is a great lesson for people claiming baby names and for those who think they have been stolen.

(The names have been changed and poster identities are hidden)

Thread name: Flame Free Confession
written by "Anne"
When I  was pregnant I LOVED the name Catherine.   My best friend forever had that as a favorite name, and when I said to her: "Do you care if we use the name Catherine?" she said no. Then she emailed me a week later saying her husband "wanted Catherine back!"  so I could not — in good conscious name my daughter Catherine. We named her Angela instead. This was a compromise name — not our favorite.
Fast forward to last Sunday: She has a baby girl. The name? Penelope Mae.
Ughh! WTF happened to Catherine?
Lesson Learned: Name your babies what you LOVE!    
Bigger lesson learned (I am still working on this one) PUT YOURSELF FIRST!

That would totally piss me off. I did that with Luke's name. I wanted to name him Liam and my cousins "called it" so out of respect I didn't and then like a week after he was born the announced they were divorcing. 

This is a lesson for the naming boards people. 

I totally agree with you!!!  Catherine is a great name but I do like Penelope better. Funny though that they made such a big deal about using the name and then didn't use it, I would have been totally embarassed to tell you the name lol!

Similar thing happened in our famly.  The boy name we loved, a family name, my SIL called.  (actualy her father told me I better not use it) so we didn't and now they have 3 girls (and say they are done, but who knows) and the family name will never get used. DH is still bitter about it.  They also named their dog our first choice girl name and didn't understand why we didn't want to use it still.  

That is a big bummer. I agree that you need to start putting yourself first. But it gets sticky with good friends. 

How annoying. I agree, use the name you want. I don't see how anyone can dibs a name. Another reason we don't share names...I've never had to have the dibs conversations.

I don't get calling dibs on a name if you're not even pregnant yet. That's total bull. You don't get to prename a yet to be conceived child at the expense of one that's already a reality. I would totally call her on it since she made a bug deal about it. I think the other lesson learned us to nit ask anyone else permission to use a name!!
Ugh.  Women are so fickle. ;)  Thanks for the good advice!

The End 

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